July 12, 2016

The three additional foods/fluids your baby NEEDS if they are exclusively breastfed

Hey peeps and parents, today I have created a post that breastfeeding mammas might find interesting, the three additional foods/fluids your breastfed baby needs in the first six months. If you have decided to exclusively breastfeed then you need to know exactly what else your baby can/should have along with their diet of mummy milk, enjoy!

breastfed baby

  1. Nothing

88% of breastmilk is water and an exclusively breastfed baby does not need any additional water on top of this, even if the weather is really hot (obviously this doesn’t involve my UK readers #shitsummer). All of a baby’s hydration needs are met with breastmilk and breastmilk alone, in fact supplementing a breastfed baby with water can be dangerous. So don’t do it. They don’t need it. Their water needs are met so well that there is a huge margin of safety so dehydration and its affects are unlikely to present themselves at all as long as you are exclusively breastfeeding.

breastfed baby


  1. Nothing

Breastmilk contains every single nutrient your baby could possibly need, and then some. Every vitamin, mineral, calorie and fat is provided in each drop of breastmilk and there is nothing, and I mean nothing additional you could offer your baby that will improve their nutrient intake.

Some people question vitamin D intake, however even this is completely covered within the first 6 months and even a little outdoor exposure a day is reassurance enough if you don’t trust your own body. Even if you eat a diet of Big Macs, Rolo’s and your toddler’s last chips your body will take everything from you to create the perfect breastmilk for your baby. This may leave you a little on the depleted side and there’s nothing wrong with taking a postnatal vitamin to ensure you are well cared for, however your baby has everything she needs right there in your booby juice.


  1. Nothing

That’s right, your baby will also need yet more nothingness! Every bug, infection, cold and miserable rash your baby picks up is monitored by your breasts and the slightest hint of a lurgy sets your body into overdrive creating crime fighting cells and filling your milk with them, ready for you little one’s next snotty feed. That green crap your baby so lovingly wipes all over your breasts as they feed sends messages to your body to jump into action and do something about it. No special tea, magic drops or secret potion can do a better job, so just sit back and relax whilst your body does a great job at curing your baby’s every sniffle.


So there you have it, and if you don’t get it yet then here it is in plain and simple terms, your baby needs nothing additional to your milk, so put your feet up and put the puree, special baby tea and vitamin drops in the bin because you’ve got this in the bag!

Speak soon!


Carlie xxx



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