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  • So, in my last instalment I mentioned how me and the children are currently living in a homeless shelter. Since then I am glad to say things are looking up, slightly. We have found somewhere to live!   Now, there are so many great things about this fact.   One: The house we

  • I have mentioned in a few previous posts the fact I used to be a police officer and only very recently quit to become a booby nurse (breastfeeding support worker for the NHS) having roamed the streets looking for bad boys in a non-prostitute type of way for 8 years. Life generally as

  • Harry Potter Tag for bloggers I am a huge Harry Potter geek and love everything about the Wizarding World that has taken the universe by storm. I have read all the books at least 5 times, watched all of the films more times than I would like to admit, have Harry Potter clothes, pjs,

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