June 29, 2016

So the sugar has left my body – what now?


A couple of weeks into the 30 day detox from sugar and we can expect the majority, if not all, of the withdrawal symptoms to have completely disappeared (thank God!) and the body will be well into the swing of things when it comes to adjusting to a life without sugar.

The body will thank you for your duties and the changes will be very obvious. It will be at this point that you’ll feel great and wonder how on Earth you ever survived chucking sugar down your throat on a daily basis.

Come back to this post on those hard days and remember why you’re doing this. These are the sort of things you can expect when sugar is completely irradiated from the diet and your body has removed it all from the blood:

  1. Improved taste bud sensitivity, suddenly food will taste so much better
  2. Hugely improved energy levels
  3. Clearer skin
  4. Naturally healthier diet and food intake
  5. Weight loss, particularly in those stubborn areas like the face, belly and back
  6. Clothes fit better
  7. No mood swings
  8. Increased memory
  9. Cravings for sweet stuff disappears
  10. Fewer headaches
  11. Liver will start to repair itself
  12. Insulin levels stabilise
  13. Fitness levels improve and you may find you can exercise longer before feeling fatigued
  14. Improved focus and attention span
  15. Improvements in sleep
  16. Food is digested better
  17. Lowers chances of cancer, diabetes and heart disease
  18. Blood pressure lowers
  19. Body’s natural flora levels return to normal, affecting gut lining, mouth and lady garden
  20. Heart rate is more steady and less vulnerable to palpitations


How crazy is that list?! Now if you read yesterday’s post you’ll see I wrote about the withdrawal effects of detoxing from sugar, but this list of positive side effects of abstaining from that lethal white powder is huge in comparison! There are so many more positive outcomes than there are negative, and I personally cannot wait to reap the benefits. I’m glad I’ve written all of this down in a post so I can refer back to it, because I feel sudden periods of fear as I think about what I am about to do, but at the end of the day, why would I fear something that is so good?

I highlighted in bold the five points that excite me the most, and when I notice these five different effects I know that any waning will power will get the boost it needs.


Tomorrow is my last day with my current diet and knowing me I’ll be making the most out of it without giving too much thought into how I will feel after I’ve binged. The last few days I have been overindulging in the naughty foods I love, and I have felt awful as a result. My skin at the moment is bumpy and greasy and I feel sluggish and just generally poo. The headaches have been the worst. I know quitting sugar will give me headaches, but they’re not a permanent thing, whereas the way I’m going at the moment I suffer horrible energy draining headaches on a daily basis and I cant wait to say goodbye to them.


Tomorrow I will post my final ‘lead up’ post and will include a comprehensive list of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ foods, useful if you’re wondering what exactly you can and cannot eat, because as I am sure we will notice that nearly everything we eat is loaded with sugar.

Who else is joining me this Friday? How are you guys feeling about your detox? Are you looking forward to the above results? Let me know, I’d love to know!


Carlie xxx

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