June 7, 2016

5 reasons the world is crazy about Zoella

Zoella is the biggest sensation to have hit the Internet in recent times, with a hugely successful blog, a YouTube channel with over ten and a half million subscribers and 758 million views (!!!), and a mere 8.4 million followers on Instagram, she’s a giant in the online world!

But why has the world gone mad over Zoe Sugg (her real name)? Here’s my list of theories on why the world loves Zoella:

1. She’s normal

One thing that comes across quite clearly on Zoe’s YouTube channel is the fact she’s very down to earth. This is more true in her older videos especially, as her lifestyle is now slightly different (let’s face it, I’d upgrade my makeup bag contents if I was earning Β£50,000 a month!). She’s funny, ditsy, girly and cute and appeals greatly to girls and ladies across the globe because everyone wants to be just like her. At least that’s my view.


2. Zoe is beautiful AND fashionable

We live in a visually stimulated world and can be quite shallow at times unfortunately, so the fact that Zoe is very beautiful, petite and always looks great in whatever she wears makes her a huge hit with young girls trying out new looks and browsing the web for inspiration and the latest must-haves. Zoe’s fashion is one of the things that makes her so successful and posts her clothing purchases up with every YouTube video she creates due to the high number of comments asking ‘WHERE DID YOU GET THAT OUTFIT!‘.

I will admit that Zoe looks great and pulls off her unique style very well, but it’s not really very ‘mummsy’ and would make me look stupid!


3. She’s very British

It’s no secret the world loves the English accent, and Zoe’s very British accent (even with it’s posh twang) Is very endearing. Zoe has watchers and readers from across the world and I can pretty much guarantee her accent is helping draw those crowds back to her sites again and again.

zoella m

4. We wish we had her stuff!

Zoella isn’t shy in letting the world know about her extravagant purchases, from her brand new car and sea front mansion, to her Charlotte Tilbury makeup hauls and designer home decor. She often starts YouTube videos with disclaimers such as ‘I’m not making this video to brag but…’ and we know she’s gloating just a bit, but who wouldn’t?! And besides, she shows us all this stuff because that’s what people want to see, they want to know what she’s buying so that they can fantasise about owning it too. In fact, right now I’m Pinning my back garden infinity pool on my own Brighton mansion on Pinterest (and that’s the closest I’ll ever get to owning one!)

zoella c

5. Her relationship is idyllic

Zoe’s very public relationship with Alfie Deyes is another reason she’s got a fan base spanning the entire planet. Having met at a YouTube convention and both being stars on the website already, their relationship had no choice other than to be aired for the world to see, and their individual subscribers and followers came together as one, to share the love of Zalfie, expanding each of their following even further.

Zoe and Alfie represent what all girls want in a relationship, to feel nothing but love and adoration from their tall dark and handsome boyfriend, to be able to be silly, have fun, laugh and share their passions together. It almost makes me sick. Of course, they’re not likely to have full blown arguments on camera and then upload it onto YouTube so we can’t assume they’re always skipping along holding hands and gazing lovingly at each other. But still, the lovey dovey stuff we do get to see is very, well, lovey dovey.



Do YOU love Zoella? I certainly have a lot of admiration for her, it’s great to see young independent women taking over the world. Why do you love her, or why do you not love her, I’d be interested to know.


Carlie xxx


All pictures courtesy of Pinterest


  • Lovely post! I love Zoella too, shes amazing. XX

  • Natalie says:

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  • Kauselyaa says:

    I Love Zoella Too. She’s So Gorgeous And She And Alfie Are Literally Relationship Goals πŸ™‚ Also I love reading your blogs. It’s super nice and fun. Hope you would make more xx

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