August 10, 2016

My Spiritual Experiences – Part I

My spiritual experiences

I was raised in a Catholic family, attended an all girls Catholic school run by nuns, went to Church every Sunday and prayed through my entire childhood life, however as an adult I made the decision that I did not believe in God.

There were many reasons surrounding this, but the main driving force was the fact that I loved science, and science held fact and was based on evidence. To me science explained everything and made me question the fact there is an almighty presence that created the world in 7 days and whom is able to control life on Earth. I especially found it difficult to understand why someone so Holy would allow bad things to happen to good people.

However, despite not believing in one ruling God, or the preachings of the bible, I was – and still am – very spiritual.

There have been too many sightings of ‘beings’ that apparently do not belong on our planes for there not to be some truth in it. Now, I know programmes like Most Haunted are a load of crap (I cant stand Evette Fielding!) and are more funny than thrilling, however I truly believe there must be another dimension to our existence that our living brains and eyes cannot see or exist in. Only our spirits are able to inhabit this alternative dimension, released into its realms when we die.

Maybe the ‘spirits’ thousands have claimed to have seen over many many centuries are actually living people in this alternative dimension that we cannot see, and sometimes as a result of magnetic fields or something the dimensions cross over and we get glimpses of them in their world, and they of us.

This might be a load of rubbish, but pretty cool.

Anyway, my belief in another world beyond our own comes from the fact that I have experienced things throughout my life that I just cannot explain. And in the same way religion provides some comfort to believers, spirituality provides me with comfort that we are still surrounded by those we love and that life does not just end into an eternity of darkness.

Dark mist in the forest. Ghost appears

My experiences

My first experiences as a child caused me some confusion and often terror, and make me sound insane, but I heard many voices both in my head and out loud. Sometimes the voices were speaking a different language, for example an older lady’s voice shouted quickly in Italian although I have no idea where she was, what she looked like or even how I knew it was Italian she was speaking.

I heard a mother crying over her dead child, and another voice warned me something was about to fall from a shelf in my bedroom, seconds before it did. I was very young when all of these incidents took place and found it hard to understand what was happening and so on the most part ignore it.

Then one night I woke from a deep sleep for apparently no reason. Without warning I was wide awake. At the time I shared a bedroom with my sister who is four years younger than me and at the time must have only been maybe three years of age. As I looked over to her side of the room there was a huge golden ball of light suspended in midair to the side of my sister’s bed. The light was completely contained, as in it wasn’t causing light to shine onto anything and wasn’t casting shadows, it was the only thing I could really see in the room, with only silhouettes of my sister’s sleeping body on her bed.

I stared hard at the light and I remember screwing my eyes tight shut, thinking it must be a hallucination, but it was still there glowing golden when I opened my eyes. I looked up at the curtains which were drawn across the window in our bedroom, searching for a source for the light from outside, but there was no gap for even a slither of light to come in through.

I remember watching the light, which must have been three feet tall and a foot wide, and it seemed to be moving as though it was made out of a liquid, with strands of light floating around the inside. It was silent. As I realised that with no explanation for it’s cause this light was possibly something like a ghost my heart began pounding and I threw the duvet over my head. And then without warning I was asleep once again and soon it was morning.

It was only as I grew older that I was able to fully explain what I saw that night, and the very next week read an article in a magazine about a woman who saw her guardian angel and witnessed a light that matched the description of the light I saw nearly exactly. Whether it was a guardian angel, and if so whether it was mine or my sister’s, I’ll never know. But I do know that it wasn’t something that could easily be explained away.

Ghost of a woman in the wood

A few years later I had another creepy experience that would haunt my memories for years after…but you will have to tune in next time if you’d like to hear about that one!

Spook Speak soon,

Carlie xxx

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  • Rachel Godfrey says:

    Carlie, each and every time I read something you have written I cannot get over how well you write, you really do have a talent for the written word. That was immensely enjoyable and of course very well written, I’m tuning in for the next one
    Rachel xxxxxxx

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