August 31, 2016

My Spiritual Experiences – Part II

I bet you’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for this post, so here it is, the wait is over. The sequel to My Spiritual Experiences.

My next experience left me completely freaked out and still sends a shiver down my spine to this day. It starts with me sitting on the toilet. Hmmm. Not a hugely engaging start, nor one you would typically associate with making contact with the spirit world.


Maybe I should rewind a few minutes. It was the middle of the night and I must have been around 13 or 14 years old when I woke up needing the loo. My bathroom was at the top of the stairs and because I was always wary of spirits and odd occurrences I always left the door open when using the loo at night just incase I was locked in by an unknown entity or for an easy escape route should something crawl in through the window. So, with the front door to my house at the bottom of the stairs and the bathroom at the top of the stairs, whilst I sat on the loo the front door was fully visible.

On this particular night as I sat there, with the door wide open and the lights on (of course) I was staring at the floor, still half asleep. Head bowed gazing at the floor I heard a really gentle knock at my front door. In fact, someone flicked the letter box twice, very quietly. Without moving any part of my body I moved my gaze slowly from the floor to the front door. Through the glass door panel I could see a face looking back up at me. The glass was frosted so there wasn’t a huge amount of detail. I could see a pale face, in the bottom left hand corner of the glass, outlines of eyes a nose and mouth. Only the head of the person/thing was visible and it was completely motionless, no blinking or moving at all. Just staring, face tilted up towards me.


It was a good ten seconds of staring at this completely motionless face, fear creeping up from my toes to my scalp, before I moved. Lets just say there was no flushing involved, as I threw the light off and dived towards my bedroom. I was completely terrified, and sat bolt up right in my bed, heart pounding, for what felt like hours, although it probably wasn’t far off at least one hour. I had put my bedroom light on as I ran in, and couldn’t face turning it off again and because I had been so spooked I knew there was no hope of falling asleep so took a joke book from my book shelf and read several jokes to myself in attempt to lift the blanket of fear. That didn’t work so I put on a DVD instead, (Johnny English I think it’s called, the one where Rowan Atkinson is a spy) and fell asleep watching that.

The next morning I was woken by my step dad for school, something he did every morning, and he commented that I must have fallen asleep with my bedroom light on. The fog of having just woken up quickly cleared when I found the joke book lying on my pillow and my TV on playing the main menu for the film I had watched.

As I write this it does appear that this could have been a normal human, but for some reason I just know it wasn’t. The gentle two knocks of my letter box, the complete stillness of the face, it’s positioning behind the glass (it was either a child or an adult kneeling down), the time of night, all of these things were too odd to have just been a random person deciding to play tricks on me.

ghost child

When I ran back to my room and sat on my bed riddled with terror, I contemplated going back out to the top of the stairs but I was frozen to my bed. My bedroom also overlooked the front and I also thought about taking a look out of the window to see if anyone was there. We had an enclosed front garden at the time, with a metal gate which had to be unbolted and opened with a short path leading to the front door (this in itself was enough to tell me that face was not just a member of the public). Had I looked out of the window straight away I might have been able to see someone leaving the front garden, or something else. Who knows. I wish I had looked out now, I wonder what I would have seen.

Whatever it was, or whoever they were, the memory I have of that night on the toilet is still as clear today as it was back then and I can still feel the very real terror that flooded my body. I don’t even know why I was so terrified, no strange or odd experience since has scared me quite as much as that night. The face wasn’t threatening, it wasn’t doing anything at all. Just staring.

I’m writing this at night, on my own, and have managed to freak myself out recalling all the detail, so I hope you’re not reading this as you’re about to go to bed. Or go to the toilet.

Stay tuned for the next part of this scary series!

Speak soon

Carlie xxx

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