April 6, 2017

My life right now

So, in my last instalment I mentioned how me and the children are currently living in a homeless shelter. Since then I am glad to say things are looking up, slightly. We have found somewhere to live!


Now, there are so many great things about this fact.


One: The house we have been given has three bedrooms

Two: The house has a 100ft garden

Three: The house is in a beautiful village and happens to be 10 doors down from my son’s school (I’m so glad we don’t have to move schools)


We could have been housed anywhere in our whole county, and it is a big area. There was every little chance Kason would have to move school and I would have to quit my job as some of the houses I was bidding on and showing an interest in were 26 miles away from where we currently live and our life currently is.


I’m considering myself very lucky right now. There are downsides however! It’s in a bit of a state. And by a bit, I mean a BIG bit of a state. It is so bad (apparently) that one month after being given this property, I’ve still never even seen it.


“It’s in no fit state to be viewed” said the miserable council lady.




So, as you can imagine, I will be documenting my home as it transitions from pig sty to palace (hopefully!)


I would love some interior ideas, so please drop your ideas and favourite colour combinations as some inspiration for me. Hint: I love rose gold and copper! And Kason wants a Harry Potter room – so links to purchase wallpaper and accessories to make his dreams come true would be great.


Pictures of the house through the varying stages will follow, so keep an eye out!

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  • Candice says:

    Awe my darling Carlie I’m so glad your life is looking brighter again. You so deserve this house with your beautiful children whom are a real credit you you. I’m into the colour grey very modern I know but it’s very warm too I’m not great at decor to be honest but my sister Lucy has great ideas . I wish u all the best and I must pop round for a cuppa and chat when your all settled xxxxx

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