June 28, 2016

Joe Hart leads the boys back home!

joe hart

Poor Joe Hart, I must say I’m a bit of a fan. Well, more than a bit, I support Man City because of him! He’s a Hart throb, let’s just say that!
Anyway, watching England play Iceland last night was toe curling and a massive disappointment. It’s all being blamed on poor Joe which I find funny, because there’s one of him, and yes he let two goals in, but there are 10 other players on the pitch who are there to score goals and the couldn’t manage it.


I say, let’s give Joe a break and not get too worked up about it. Surely people didn’t expect England to get anywhere in the Euros, it’s England for God’s sake!

One day we’ll win another tournament, but for the mean time the fact that England fail so miserably (as a team) keeps us all entertained whether it feels that way or not.


Did you watch the game? What were your thoughts and do you think Joe is solely to blame? Let me know!

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  • Adam says:

    He looks almost exactly like my cousin. My cousin was not impressed with his doppelganger last night. I don’t even follow football and I was humiliated by England’s performance. The players swaddled round like they had poo hanging out of their bums. No sweat to them if they don’t progress, they’re all multimillionnaires and will still be snapped up and played by any club in the Premiership!

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