July 8, 2016

Day 5 of my 30 Day Sugar Detox

amazing shot of a young beautiful brunette with her naked body covered of sweet cream chocolate

I genuinely wish this was me

First, massive apologies to anyone who has been following along with me and been patiently waiting for my progress updates…it’s been a manic few days (and a blog post may possibly follow with details!).

So, at the moment I am on Day 5 of the sugar detox and…it have really not been that bad. Honestly, when I say I’m an addict I mean it. I dream of chocolate and crap each and every hour that I am awake and I was genuinely scared entering into this challenge as I felt I would never be able to do it. I expected cravings that would drive me insane, a burning need for cake that I wouldn’t be able to ignore and I didn’t think 30 days was going to be possible for me.

But actually I’m coping completely fine. I have urges for rubbish food, but I haven’t yet found myself yearning at the confectionery counter with tears in my eyes. I can easily say no. However. And this is a big however. I can’t be sure if there is a reason behind the fact that I’m sailing through this detox.

Avocado on a board painted with white paint

One thing I have learnt is that sugar is in EVERYTHING. My God, it’s a complete joke! I must have picked up 5 items from the shelf of a petrol station today in search of lunch, all of which were a salad of some description, and all of which contained sugar in various forms! I couldn’t believe it! Brown sugar, caramel you name it these “healthy salads” contained sugar. (They were from M&S by the way).

I finally found a butternut squash salad which I had to settle for, even though it contains carbs (which convert to sugar in the body) because I wasn’t willing to live off boiled eggs for the rest of the 30 days.

I am understanding that this sugar detox is by no means something that can be sustained, it is definitely not a suitable way of living and can only be viewed as a short term detox and nothing more. View it as attending rehab and being taught how to use sugar responsibly.

So for this reason, am I finding the detox easy because I am consuming sugar inadvertently? Is it concealed in so many foods under so many fancy names that I don’t even know I’m eating it and my body is therefore not yet suffering the expected withdrawals and cravings because it doesn’t need to?

Or maybe I’m just a lot stronger than I thought? Who knows.

Basically this isn’t as bad as I thought, and although I really want a massive bar of chocolate on this warm Friday evening, I’m not going to have one, because I don’t need one.

I have been eating oatmeal, nuts, Chunky Monkeys, wholemeal rice, avocado, feta cheese, home cooked meals such as Bolognese without the spag, and most importantly drinking lots and lots of water.


I’m allowing myself 1 greenish banana per day and put half of this in my chunky monkey which also has organic cocoa powder in and loads of peanut butter. It tastes like a melted Snickers Bar and makes a GREAT breakfast (and thinking about it, might be the reason I haven’t been having huge cravings *big thumbs up*).

I’ve been avoiding anything processed, pre-made (especially Tesco cooked chicken breast!) or comes with a marinade of any kind.


This is a lot more difficult than I thought purely based on the fact that sugar is in almost everything we eat (I bought a lovely organic Charlie Ginghams fish pie yesterday and the topping contained caramel!) so finding suitable meals has been the hard part.

Do you have any suggestions for me, I’m especially struggling with dinner at the moment? And if you’re following along with me how do you find things? Have you, like me, discovered just how much food we eat has sugar in it?

Let me know, and we will catch up soon!


Carlie xxx




  • Lauren says:

    I bought Sarah Wilson’s book, ‘I Quit Sugar’ and while I didn’t really use all of her recipes, I did find the way she explained sugar and processed foods to be a very big motivator in my attempt to eat healthier. her philosophy is more about clean eating so that’s why I don’t follow all of her recipes, or I’ll adjust them as unless you have a live-in chef, that whole concept is VERY unattainable.
    I still eat carbs, but (upon Sarah’s advice) I only eat whole meal – bread is difficult as a lot of it is made with wheat flour (not actually good for you!) but the Hovis Granary Wholemeal is made with Wholemeal flour – so that’s allowed!
    I think for all the average people out there, like you and me, and the other people reading this blog, it’s about finding a healthy balance. The detox will help get you kick started, but I think it’s very important to allow yourself a healthy balance like 80/20; treat yourself no more than twice a week (with a slice of cake or whatever you fancy, not a full on binge session) and don’t feel guilty about it if you eat well for the other 5 or 6 days.

    • Carlie says:

      You’re very right Lauren, a healthy balance is far more sustainable and likely to lead to success than a full blown ban on naughty foods!

  • Clare says:

    I read your blog last Sunday and decided i would give it a go too – I am also a massive sugar addict! I have also been so surprised by how much hidden sugar there is in food you would never expect to find it in! I have found it easier than i expected too – although the second day was tough for me. I have tried to include sweet flavoured veg in my meals like fresh beetroot, cooked red onions and cherry tomatoes. I have eaten loads of fish with a big load of salad as well as couscous, sweet potatoes or rice and have found it ok. I had stuffed peppers one night and a really nice Chick pea curry too. I have had eggs for lunch and snacked on carrot and cucumber sticks with humus. The hard one for me is breakfast 🤔 I have decided to switch from tea (with milk and sugar) to fruit tea and this is ok. I did have Gin and slimline tonic last night as I was out but weighed myself this morning and have lost 5lb so I am chuffed! Do u eat fruit?

    • Carlie says:

      Wow, well done Clare you’re really motivated. Do you plan on making this a permanent lifestyle change or a short term challenge? I’m not sure how you’re doing it, I’ve failed miserably, again! I have decided to quit fruit because of the high fructose content, it has the exact same effects on the body as regular refined sugar/cane sugar etc. In lots of food that claim to be sugar free ad fructose instead and it’s just as bad! Of course, everything in moderation, and some fruits are OK, like greenish bananas. Keep going!

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