July 4, 2016

Day 1 (second attempt) at my 30 Day Sugar Detox

30 Day Sugar Detox Having already started this sugar detox once and failing within a few hours I decided it was best to restart on a Monday – besides according to some fact I read somewhere you’re more likely to succeed at something if you start it on a Monday.

And I imagine there’s also some truth behind being more likely to fail if you start something new on a Friday! That’s what happened to me anyhow.

So, I allowed myself a few treats over the weekend (and by a few I mean I nearly killed myself overdosing on crap) and vowed to start fresh and raring to go on Monday.

It’s the end of day 1 as I write this and it has gone quite successfully. In fact, it’s been easy!

I had a chunky monkey for breakfast (from the Lean in 15 recipe book) which left me feeling full and satisfied until 2pm. That’s unbelievable really, I rarely make it to 11am before I need to refuel.

Maybe because my breakfasts usually contain copious amounts of sugar?! Hmmmmmmmmm! 

So at 2pm I ate a load of almond nuts and then had a small bowl of porridge. I have some organic jumbo rolled oats from Waitrose which have a very low sugar content. I’m aware sugar is a carb but these organic oats are a good low/no sugar version. I mixed organic peanut butter, organic pure cocoa powder and half a green tipped banana into the porridge and it was quite nice, if a bit filling.

I then stupidly caved into habit and made myself a coffee, black no sugar, and this left me feeling awful! My body had been using healthy organic fuel all day then I threw a tonne of caffeine at it. Not a great move.

I felt sick for hours after and so had nothing to snack on until I had dinner – some sugar free sausages and fried eggs. Random dinner but we didn’t have much else in!

One thing that is definitely important as I do this detox is water. And loads of it. It isn’t mentioned enough how important being hydrated is, but it really is the key.

When you’re peckish, drink water.

When you’re craving crap, drink water.

When you wake up, drink lots of water.

Drink with your meals, before them, between them and every hour. Make sure to drink most of your daily water intake before midday, as you wake up dehydrated and it takes a while to get back to normal levels.

And it’s so great for getting, and retaining, a lean trim bod.

The Body Coach says so anyway, here in his blog.

So Day 1 has gone pretty well, but it’s only day one. Tomorrow might be a killer, I’m preparing myself for the worse!
How has your day gone?! What have you guys been eating/not eating?! Let me know!

Carlie xxx

The infamous and delicious Chunky Monkey shake from the Lean in 15 recipe book by Joe Wicks The Body Coach

Chunky Monkey protein drink


Day 1 of my 30 Day Sugar Detox


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