July 14, 2016

Don’t look to me for inspiration – Day 10 of my 30 Day Sugar Detox

I’m completely useless, 14 days into this supposed 30 Day Detox and I’ve failed miserably again. But then I am going through a really rough time at the moment, what with being homeless and all (long story!)

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I clearly use food as something of a comfort blanket when the ish hits the fan, which is doing with some force at the moment, and although I am fully aware that a healthier diet will make me feel a lot better, I still cant seem to avoid, or control myself from, grabbing something sugary. My biggest weakness at the moment is iced lattes (again!), they really are my nemesis, and then usually alongside my latte I’ll grab a sandwich or piece of cake.

I feel crap for it. Completely crap. My head is killing me, I’m ashamed of my body which looked better three weeks after I gave birth than it does now a year after I gave birth! I’m always hungry because the empty calories provided in the rubbish I’m eating isn’t satisfying my body in the slightest.

Frothy coffee and chocolate cake

What amazes me most is the fact I am able to see all these horrible side effects and document them in a blog yet I can’t seem to kick the urges! I did warn you guys – I’m going to need the motivation.

I’ve decided that telling myself to give up for 30 days is a big ask, and the best thing to do is wake up every single morning and say, “Today, I’m going to eat healthily and avoid sugar” and make it my aim to get by each day with this mentality. I’m not going to even think about tomorrow, because tomorrow isn’t here yet. I will concentrate on the here and now, and saying out loud what my intentions for the day are when I wake up is a much easier and more digestible challenge than telling myself I can’t eat sugar for the next four weeks.

It is very true that unrealistic goals are a recipe for failure, and small achievable targets are much more likely to succeed. I’m reading a book at the moment, which I will review once completed but it also sends this same message, live for today. You can’t change the past and tomorrow hasn’t happened yet so live for now. There are lots more tips and advice from the book but this is just one which has stuck with me.

Especially during a difficult time for me and my family, there’s no point in piling on the pressure with crazy detoxes and promises of abstaining for 30 days. If I can get through each day without sugar, it will soon turn into 30 days, and I’ll have got through the detox without even realising I did it.

The bad days will still arrive, and I’m expecting them to get worse before they get better, but controlling my cravings will be a step towards taking control of my life – at least that’s what I hope will happen.

slow down, relax, take it easy, keep calm and other motivational lifestyle reminders on colorful sticky notes

I hope I haven’t let anyone else down! Who else has managed to get this far and succeed, or who else is struggling or has given in to temptation? Don’t be hard on yourself if you too have fallen off this dumb arse band wagon. Wake up tomorrow and may the first thing you say out loud to yourself be “Today I am going to eat healthily and avoid sugar” and give yourself a huge pat on the back if you get into bed that night having succeeded in your challenge. And then the next day set yourself that challenge again.

It’ll be a piece of cake. Well, hopefully not, but you get my drift.

Carlie xxx


Day 10 of my 30 day sugar detox, don't turn to me for inspiration!

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